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Engineered Solutions For Power and Industry

PERO Engineering and Sales Company provides Engineered Systems, Equipment, and Services throughout the Southeastern United States. We are dedicated to providing the Power Generation & Industrial markets with the highest quality equipment and unmatched support services.

SVI DYNAMICS, a division of SVI INDUSTRIAL, is a leading manufacturer of engineered gas path and industrial noise control solutions for power and process applications, including inlet and exhaust systems and silencers for gas turbines and fans.
SVI INDUSTRIAL provides industrial mechanical and valve maintenance and repair services, including engineered gas path solutions and industrial masonry and corrosion control systems. SVI Industrial has become one of the largest, most technologically advanced and innovative industrial service companies in the United States.
  • OEM "Flex Seal" (leaf seals) failures
  • Stud failures and flange cracking
  • Hot gas endangering personnel and sensitive control components

The Flex Seal Upgrade design provides new leaf seals, added fabric expansion joint cover and vigorous insulation bolsters. This design provides a gas tight barrier during standard operation and after leaf seals fail. The robust flanges and bolt attachments provide reinforcement against surges in back pressure and permanent manifold flange insulation.  BADGER has performed 100+ Flex Seal modifications into their ALL-NEW DESIGN; increasing the life of your exhaust components while eliminating leaks and improving safety. 

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